Female Chefs Dinner At Alison Two: It’s Not Too Late!

The Women Cook World Cuisine event Alison two is happening this Sunday, June 6 at 6 p.m. The dinner is a fundraiser by the Philly chapter Les Dames D’Escoffier, for a totally righteous cause: raising money for culinary scholarships for women. (Hence, the all-lady, all-star, line up with chefs like Alison Barshak and Marcie Turney of Bindi, Lolita, and Grocery contributing dishes.) There will be lots of eating and drinking, and as a bonus, all of the savory dishes have a cocktail pairing. Tickets costs $55 — a steal considering there are ten courses — and can be booked by calling Alison two. Take a look at the menu for the event, right after the jump.

[Bar photo of Alison two ©2009 Courtney Grant Winston]

• Alison Barshak, Alison two - Hors d’oeuvres, Pig roast and Tamales. Tom Pittakas, beverage director just back from Liquid Lab in NYC, will pair dishes with cocktails

• Ane Ormaechea, Apamate - Gazpacho with organic heirloom tomato juice, peppers, cucumbers, scallions, garlic, sherry vinegar, arbequina olive and parsley oil

• Moon Krapugthong, Chabaa & Mango Moon - Labb Ped Yang: Marinated Duck Breast grilled overnight and tossed with Thai herbs, roasted peanut, fresh chili, lime juice & fish sauce served over green leaves. Chu Chee Pla: Crispy Blow Fish topped with Spicy Red Curry Sauce, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Colorful Bell Peppers, String Beans and Basil over Jasmine Rice

• Valerie Erwin, Geechee Girl Rice Cafe - Pork Demi Sel: Brined and Smoked Pork Served with Hoppin John (traditional South Carolina rice with Sea Island Red Peas)

• Marcie Turney, Bindi, Lolita & Verde - Yogurt and Fenugreek Marinated Chicken Kebob served over Chana Masala with Minted Cucumber Raita. Sarsoon-Saag Paneer served with Chana Marsala and Radish Kosambri

• Lynn Buono & Meg Votta, Feast Your Eyes Catering - Trio of Meza Salads over Minted Farmer’s Yogurt, Pacu Fish Ribs with Charmoula Glaze & Artichoke Fava Bean Ragout, Moroccan B’stilla (Phyllo Pie) with Cornish Game Hens

• Eileen Talanian, author, Marshmallows and the forthcoming Bread Puddings - bread puddings

• Amy Beth Edelman, Night Kitchen Bakery - cakes

• Gilda Doganiero, Gilda’s Biscotti - biscotti

• Kira Baker-Doyle, John & Kira’s Chocolates - chocolates

Female Chefs Dinner At Alison Two: It’s Not Too Late!