Emeril at the Taste: Good Food, Good People

If you missed Emeril Lagasse’s headlining demo on the opening day of the Taste of Chicago, check out this interview YouTuber Kyle Aevermann caught up with the king of Bam — Lagasse talks about the origin of his famous catchphrases, points out that he’s been green longer than we’ve been alive, and plugs Sammy Hagar’s new band. Our favorite part? That’d be when Kyle asks Emeril what his favorite Chicago restaurants are, and gets “After 20 years, if I didn’t say my dear friend Charlie Trotter, he probably wouldn’t be my dear friend anymore.” Rick Bayless, Blackbird, and Heaven on Seven land shoutouts as well — but check out the whole thing yourself, post jump.

Kyle notes that the questions he asked Emeril are a bit hard to make out, so he helpfully provided them written out:

1. Have you ever been to Chicago?

2. What are you going to cook during the demo?

3. You said, you love Chicago restaurant tours, what’s your favorite Chicago restaurant?

4. What inspired you to go Green in your new show Emeril Green on Planet Green, and have you learned a lot about going green?

5. This is your 9th cookbook you’ve come out with, how do you keep coming out with more recipes for cookbooks?

6. Many people know you for your catchphrase BAM! Where did that originate from?

7. What are your food and music guilty pleasures?

8. Did you ever get the chance to meet Michael Jackson or Farrah Fawcett, and what was it like?

[My interview with Emeril via WindyCitizen]

Emeril at the Taste: Good Food, Good People