Ducasse in Space; M2 Might Sue Beyoncé

• Alain Ducasse once again talks about wanting to create space food for astronauts. [Bloomberg]

• The owner of M2 is threatening to sue Beyoncé after the singer bailed on a concert at the club. [NYP]

• Uruguay’s El Garzón is one of South America’s hottest new restaurants, despite being tremendously expensive and in a rural area. [WSJ]

• A hawk recently snared patrons’ lunches at (ha!) Birdies. [And I Am Not Lying via Gawker]

• Former Busy Chef manager Dan Kaufman, disgraced after it was revealed that he embezzled $25,000 from customers’ credit cards, was arrested in Manhattan for (wait for it) credit-card theft. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

• Two former Manolo Blahnik partners are now selling “milk, like it used to taste” in Connecticut. [NYP]

Ducasse in Space; M2 Might Sue Beyoncé