First Look at Döner Turkish Food, Bringing Lamb Kebabs to Bedford Avenue

Photo: Alexandra Vallis

Döner Turkish Food replaced a former eyeglasses shop on Bedford Avenue this week, and owner Gul Cagdas hopes her family’s recipes will fill a void in Williamsburg’s late-night scene. The Cagdases are first-time restaurateurs. “We were coming to the neighborhood to hang out and thought we could contribute,” says her cousin and manager Aydin Cagdas. Kebabs come in lamb and chicken varieties, and you can get zucchini pancakes stuffed into your $5 pita sandwich. Hours are still tentative: Monday through Wednesday 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Thursday through Sunday 11:30 a.m. to midnight. With enough weekend traffic, the restaurant will stay open until 3 or 4 a.m. Delivery will start when the restaurant gets a phone, in three to four weeks. See a full menu and get a look inside the space, below.

Döner Turkish Food Menu
Red Lentil 3
Shiitake Mushroom 3.50


Hummus 2.50
Zucchini Pancakes 3.50
Celery Yogurt Dip 3
Babaganush 4
Eggplant with Homemade Tomato Sauce 4
Ezme 3
Tabouli 2.50
Grape Leaves 3.50
White Bean Salad 3

Lamb Doner 5
Chicken Doner 5
Falafel 3
Zucchini Pancake 4

Vegetarian House Specials
Falafel Platter 6.95
French Cut String Beans 6.95
Baby Okra 6.95
Spinach Sautee 6.95

Grill Platters
Lamb Doner Platter 7.95
Chicken Doner Platter 7.95
Chicken Kebap Platter7.95

Shepherd Salad 5
Mix Green Salad 5

Almond Pudding 3.5
Rice Pudding 3.5
Baklava 3.5
Kadayif 3.5

Döner Turkish Food, 189 Bedford Ave., nr. North 7th St., Williamsburg; no phone yet

First Look at Döner Turkish Food, Bringing Lamb Kebabs to Bedford Avenue