Dante’s Inferno Brunch is Back

After a long hiatus, the Inferno Brunch is back at dante. $20 gets you a basket of breakfast breads and pastries for the table (named Heaven), a starter (Purgatory), and a main (Hell). The concept is a little cutesy, sure, but you can’t argue with the prices or wish dishes like poached eggs atop an heirloom tomato tart with basil oil and buffalo mozzarella.

After the jump, the full menu.

Inferno Brunch
$20.00 fixed price*
everyone goes to heaven… just choose one “purgatory” and one “hell”

“abandon all hope, ye who “drink” here” – Dante Alighieri

the $9 cocktails of hell
bloody mary’s
traditional bloody, regular or with-a-kick
bloody tequila, cilantro, lime
bloody chipotle, peperoncini, horseradish
sparkling cocktails
mimosa, cava, fresh squeezed oj
bellini, prosecco, peach nectar
angel’s kiss, prosecco, creole shrub, orange flame

Prepare Your Soul for Heaven
Beatrice’s breakfast pastries and breads for the table

Choose Your Temptation in Purgatory
fresh seasonal fruits, yogurt panna cotta
white gazpacho, grapes, lemon oil, egg battered croutons
hand made spaghetti alla carbonara, guanciale, egg, parsley
in scapece, green olive crostini
insalata primavera
vegetable salad, fresh ricotta, walnut oil, aged balsamic
simple seasonal greens, cabernet vinaigrette, radish, cucumber

Indulge In Your Favorite Sin in Hell
big cut brioche French toast
banana, walnut butter, vanilla sugar
polenta pancakes
polenta cakes with or without blueberries, malted vanilla gelato, maple syrup
fried eggs
rosemary gremolata, sautéed spinach, double smoked bacon, roasted potatoes
poached eggs alla caprese
organic eggs, heirloom tomato tart, basil oil, buffalo mozzarella
classic eggs Benedict
ham, English muffin, grilled lemon hollandaise, roasted potatoes
organic egg, broccoli rabe, aged cheddar, roasted potatoes
artichokes, goat cheese, truffle vinaigrette, roasted potatoes
gorgonzola, tomato confit, lettuce, aioli, fries or salad
*lobster PLT
pancetta, arugula, tomato, smoked pepper aioli, fries or salad add $12
*Virgil’s steak & eggs
grilled hanger steak & eggs, roasted maitaki mushrooms, truffle bearnaise add $12


Dante’s Inferno Brunch is Back