Cochon 555 Contest Winner

The letters are penned and the votes are in. It’s time to announce a winner in the Cochon 555 contest. As you’ll recall, we asked readers to send us a love letter written to their favorite fictional pig, the staff favorite to receive two tickets to this Sunday’s festival of pork at the Fairmont (five chefs prepare five pigs with five wine pairings). Our winner, 47-year-old San Franciscan Tim Brown, actually wrote his missive in verse, to the pig that adorns Fergus Henderson’s books and the menu of his restaurant, St. John. Brown, who works in web design, is a big fan of Ryan Farr’s butchery demonstrations at Bloodhound, as well as Chris Cosentino’s work with offal. We’re glad to be able to send such a lover of the porcine. Check the winning verses after the jump. For those who didn’t win, tickets are still available here, and word has it that you can get a $30 discount with the code “baconbits.”

Hercules of Gloucester

A crackling frosty dew glimpse was caught.
Envisioning a blurry fog-bound bulk in a moment.
Among skeleton trees casting their bare claws skyward.
An ambling sway degrees from tipping each step A state of grace.

Immensity hefting from side to side.
Raised head at a lonely bird’s cry.
In that moment fleshy pink nudeness is complete; Black saddle and black-patched eye noble and proud, Defining place, finding the orchard drop-fruit.
Diana in a pasture.

The paling morning mist thinning to gossamer, Painting a piebald mass firm and fair.
Dainty points holding above fecund earth, Unbristled proboscidian bouqueting for more.
A bucolic Homer.

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Cochon 555 Contest Winner