Cochon 555 Contest Update: Deadline Extended, Rules Clarified

With one more day to go in our contest to win tickets to this Sunday’s Cochon 555 at the Fairmont, the entries haven’t exactly been flooding in, and one reason that’s come to our attention is that the instructions might not have been clear enough. Let’s go back over the challenge a bit more deliberately:

The event is all about the love of the pig, so we want you to write a love letter addressed to your favorite fictional pig. It doesn’t have to be long (150 to 200 words will do fine), and you can take whatever angle you please (funny, heartfelt, surreal, self-effacing, sarcastic, etc.), but we ask that it be written to a particular pig. For example, here’s the letter that won our identical competition through MenuPages Chicago:

Dear Pearl the Piglet from William Steig’s The Amazing Bone in which you found an amazing talking bone and walked around and had adventures and the bone got you into trouble and got you out of trouble all over again thanks to its miraculous talking powers and crafty ventriloquism and knowledge of foreign languages,

I love you. I love you because I was the kid who used to have trouble distinguishing things that happened to characters in books from things that happened to me and I had such an active imagination that it was plausible that I might’ve found an amazing talking bone and followed it down the garden path of idle hands and devil’s playgrounds, and I was a little chunky too, just like you, but when I thought back and thought that maybe I was having a memory of me doing that, I knew it wasn’t true, because I wasn’t a pig and you were. Also, you were a girl and I was a boy. Am a boy. A man. I mean. O jeez. I’m just saying. That you were a pig gave me a little clarity. Which frankly, I could use.


Hopefully that clears things up. If not, feel free to drop us a line and ask us to clarify further. Meanwhile, we’ll extend the deadline another day, to Thursday at noon. Just shoot us an e-mail with your note in the body. We’ll send you to the event for free, and run your letter here to boot.

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[Photo: Via MenuPages Chicago]

Cochon 555 Contest Update: Deadline Extended, Rules Clarified