Falai May Get Full Booze; Gino Is Finally Taking Credit Cards

• Surprise, surprise. CB3 did not condone a liquor license for super-boozy Superdive. [EV Grieve]

• CB3 has ruled that Falai may upgrade to a full liquor license. [Lo-Down]

• Sobriety can be challenging for recovering alcoholics in the hospitality industry. [NYT]

• A new theory posits that swine flu may have started in Asia, not Mexico. [NYT]

• After more than 60 years, Gino is now accepting credit cards. [NYP]

• A new IBM survey reveals that less than 20 percent of consumers trust that the food they buy is safe and healthy. [PR Newswire]

• Supermarkets are losing frills like coffee bars in order to better appeal to budget-conscious consumers. [WSJ]

• A Crown Heights pizza deliveryman who left his car running had it stolen. [NYP]

Raines Law Room has a new twenty-person garden, complete with herbs. [Vogue]

• Some Bungalow 8 employees say they’ve barely been paid since March. [Gawker]

Café Des Artistes alum Ari Nieminen is now the executive chef at all the Smorgas Chef restaurants. [NYT]

• The American Medical Association recently put out a resolution promoting local, sustainable food. [Atlantic Food Channel]

• New chocolate bar Nibchoc attempts to preserve the health benefits of chocolate without all the sugar and dairy. [Reuters]

• Fast-casual restaurants are in an all-out pricing war, and some worry that the discounts could spoil profit margins forever. [NYT]

Falai May Get Full Booze; Gino Is Finally Taking Credit Cards