Abraço Makes Way for Saffron Soda and Summer Pastries

Andrew Carmellini at Abraco.
Andrew Carmellini at Abraco. Photo: Melissa Hom

Abraço’s cult coffee and cured-olive cookies attract devotees like Andrew Carmellini, but the café’s tiny kitchen also turns out inspired seasonal dishes, and chef-partner Elizabeth Quijada has just sent us the latest menu (below). The exact lineup evolves daily, as dictated by the Greenmarket, but Quijada recommends pairing anything on offer with house-made saffron soda, back from last summer and served on warm days. Between this specialty drink and Bar Artisanal’s saffron-and-Champagne cocktail, it looks like we might have a refreshing trend on our hands.

fresh ricotta, roasted spring onion, and walnut-arugula pesto sandwich
fennel pollen and fresh herb roasted fingerling potatoes
green bundles: asparagus, young greens, and herbs with almond-orange vinaigrette
house-brined grape leaves stuffed with farro, pistachios, and cucumber
fried shallot and red chard frittata
chilled almond-and-cucumber soup

saffron soda on warm days
cold brewed iced coffee (our way—with simple syrup and a dash of half-and-half)

Summer pastries are around the corner!
strawberry shortcake
chocolate-strawberry cake
blueberry brioche
lavender butter cookies

Abraço Makes Way for Saffron Soda and Summer Pastries