Your Restaurant Is Closed. Now What?

Today’s “Scoop” column contains three strikingly different tales of how employees and owners are dealing with shuttered restaurants. As the bad economy and just plain bad luck claim one victim after another, we’re beginning to see a variety of options for the suddenly adrift staffs.

One of the best things about the recently shuttered Jeanty At Jack’s was the place’s dedication to serving fresh, local oysters and accompanying wines. The Chronicle reported today that we may not lose that aspect after all, as former Jeanty general manager Luc Chamberland says he’s looking to partner with other Jeanty vets to open Jack’s Oyster Bar in the same space.

Unfortunately, another shuttered restaurant isn’t having an easy time reopening. Limon is apparently having trouble getting insurance payments after a fire last year forced them to close. Still, owner Martin Castillo told the Chron he plans to open in the next couple of months.

For one chef who abruptly lost his job when his restaurant went under, a new opportunity was worth a step down in position title. Cafe Majestic executive chef Louis Maldonado has gone to work as chef de cuisine under Mourad Lahlou at Aziza. Maldonado told the Chronicle he sees Lahlou as a role model and, “someone I can actually talk to.” [Via SF Chronicle]

[Photo: Via Wikimedia]


Your Restaurant Is Closed. Now What?