Where to Eat in Bayview For Sunday Streets

The oft-shunned Bayview isn’t one of the most popular destinations in San Francisco for a Sunday stroll, but this weekend it should be at the top of your list. The city plans to close Third Street to vehicle traffic from AT&T; Park to the Bayview Opera House, and with temperatures predicted in the 70s, the industrial, but subtly charming Southern Waterfront should attract scads of bikers, skaters, walkers, and probably a unicyclist or two. But with all that fresh air and exercise, you’re bound to get hungry. Here are a few dining suggestions while you’re in the neighborhood.

• At the Ramp, a full bar and lots of patio tables can be accessed by a guest dock as well as the street. Adjacent to a boat repair yard and in the shadow of two massive dry-docks, this little tavern is good not only for sun worshipers, but for nautical geeks as well. The weekend brunch menu generally stays below $15 so you can spend more money on drinks.

• Further south, check out Sam Jordan’s House of Ribs, founded by the city’s first black mayoral candidate in 1959. A former boxer who became known as “the Mayor of Butchertown,” Jordan operated the place until 2004. His son owns it now, but not much else has changed. They crank out the same ribs and brisket they always have, and the vibe is just as friendly. We bet it will be even more so on Sunday, given the concentration of sunshine and roller skates in the area.

• A higher-end option is Serpentine, in Dogpatch. Normally something of an outpost on the backside of Potrero Hill, this Slow Club sibling should be more of a destination. They serve locally farmed produce (we sat next to supplier Toby Hastings at the Slow Dinner there during Slow Food Nation), and meat from Prather Ranch Meat Co. The bar is great, and the dishes are smart and come together naturally. The high, west-facing windows make this a good place to catch the evening light.

[Photo: Via aqui-ali/flickr]

Where to Eat in Bayview For Sunday Streets