What to Eat at Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake

The Rattlesnake has always been a great place to drink, especially when its roof is open in the summer, but it hasn’t exactly been known for its food. Newly-installed chef Brian Poe hopes to change that with the launch of Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake, his full menu revamp. Like the Rattlesnake’s previous incarnation, the menu focus here tilts Southwestern, though the dishes have been refined with standouts like celery root tempura fish tacos and Southern Comfort and coffee bean short rib tamales. Prices top out at $14 and the food goes well with drunkenness - still an important consideration at the Rattlesnake.

After the jump, the full menu.

Lime Zested Chips ~ 6
Homemade chips~Salsa Fresca~Tequila Cream Cheese~
Minted Tomatillo Salsa
Fried Dried & Two the Side ~ 7
Refried Bean Dip in Tomato Tortilla ~ Jalapeno Salsa ~ Mexican Cheese Melt ~ Yucca & Tortilla Chips
Chipotle Wings ~ 9
Smoked Jalapeno~ Scallion & Bleu Cheese Dipping Sauce
Grilled Green Chile Cornbread ~ 6
Hatch New Mexican Chiles~ Guadalajara Butter ~ Cojita Cheese Crumble
The Infamous Avocado ~ 12
Grilled Avocado~ San Jauquin Avocado Oil~ Black Pepper Lavender Crème Fraiche~ Lobster
Pan Fried Corn Flake Crusted Calamari ~ 9
Pickled Jalapeno ~ Corn & Anahiem~ Gingered Chile Sauce
Peachy~ Pinche~ Pink Chimis ~ 9
BBQ Salmon Chimichanga ~ Smoked Georgia Peach Glaze ~Verde Valley Rice Filling
NachoMama’s ~ 12
Fresh Onion ~Avocado ~ Olives ~ Tomatoes ~ Cilantro ~Melted Cheese Blend~ Refried Beans~ Lettuce ~Signature Poe Co Loco Dust
Chile Relleno ~ 8
Corn & Cherry Infusted Goat Cheese~Pomegranate & Cilantro Salsa~ Creamed Corn Sauce

Tortilla Soup ~ Cup~6 Bowl~8
Traditional Mexican Stove Style~ Avocado~ Smoked Chicken~ Grilled Cornbread Crouton
Cumin Scented Black Bean Soup ~ Cup~6 Bowl~8
Ancho Chile Mesquite Honey Foam

Aztecca Taco Salad ~12
Butter Roasted Corn~ Tomato~ Scallion~ Spanish Onion ~Oaxaca Cheese ~Beans~ Avocado~ Boston Bibb & Iceberg~ Smoked Aztecca Chicken~ Aguas-Fresca Vinaigrette
Grilled Tijuana Caesar ~ 7 Chicken~12.5 Daily Catch ~ 14
Peppercorn Studded Grilled Romaine~ Funky Croutons ~ Pickled Spanish Onions~ Corn & Parsnip Salsa ~Warm Caesar Dressing
Grilled & Chilled Vine Ripened Tomato Salad ~8
Tear Drop Tomatoes ~ Whole Tomato ~ Cilantro & Pomodoro Vinaigrette
A Superb Salad ~15
Salad for two, tossed and served tableside with wooden spoons

Cantina Food
Mexican Jumpin’ Beans ~9
Black Beans~ Rice with Mexican Spices~ Cilantro Crema ~ Cheddar, Jack & Salsa
Flyin’ Burrito Bro ~10
Black Bean, Asparagus & Grilled Chicken Burrito ~ Roasted Tomato & Chorizo Paella ~ Grilled Cilantro & Corn Salsa~ Tobacco Chile Sauce
Fred E’s Quesadilla ~10
Hatch New Mexican Green Chiles ~ Smoked Chicken ~ Blend of Traditional Cheese ~ Montezuma Mango Salsa
Southern Comfort & Coffee Bean
Beef Short Rib Tamales ~10
Chile & Corn Infused Masa ~ Avocado & Chipotle Butter

Tacos a la Poe
Celery Root Tempura Fish Tacos ~11
Apple & Anahiem Chile Slaw ~ Celery Root Tempura Cod ~ Chipotle Crema
Smoked Pork Tacos Jalisco ~10
Chile Marinated, Skewered & Smoked Pork Loin~ Chopped Chiles~ Poe’s Taco’s Hell Grande Sauce
Hudson Valley Duck Tacos ~10
Molasses and Cola Marinated Duck Breast~Cranberry & Rosemary Risotta~Truffle & Cranberry Glaze
Chicken Tacos ~ 11
Chile Marinated & Roasted Chicken~Cilantro Lime Crema ~ Refried Beans ~ Verde Rice & Cotija Cheese
Classic Tacos ~ 11
Verde Rice ~ Cilantro Lime Crema ~ Refried Beans ~ Beef ~ Iceberg, Avacade & Cotija Cheese

Matador Burger ~10
Poe Co Loco Seasoning~ Choice of Cheese and Superfine Fries
The Conquistador BLT ~10
Rosemary & Olive Grilled Bread ~ Iceberg Lettuce ~ Applewood Bacon ~ Chipotle Mayo ~ Fries or Side Salad
Tuna Sandwich ~14
Vera Cruz Pepper Slaw ~ Queso Fresco ~ Jalapeno & Tomato Aioli ~ Ciabatta Bread ~ Fires or Side Salad
Grilled Swordfish Sandwich ~ 14
Olive Tapenade ~ Basil Aioli ~ Ciabatta Bread
Mexican Monte Cristo Turkey Sandwich ~ 12
Marble Rye ~ American Cheese ~ Avacado ~ Tequila Cream Cheese ~ Smoked Turkey & Sofrito
Jalapeno Fried Chicken Sandwich ~ 12
Brazilian Bread ~ Chilean Pebre Salsa ~ Pepperjack Cheese ~ Ancho Chile Mayo

What to Eat at Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake