The River Café Loses Ground; Car Smashes Into Sbarro

• In order to connect the two ends of Brooklyn Bridge Park, a pathway will be built through the grounds of the River Café. [Brooklyn Paper]

• During the filming of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, a car crashed into the Times Square Sbarro. [NYP]

• The city’s first FoodStat survey, which aims to show where in NYC health and nutrition problems are concentrated, found East Harlem has twice the obesity rate and twice the junk-food options as the Upper East Side. [NYP]

• Daniel Boulud’s forthcoming DBGB will include “a world tour of sausage making” with fourteen varieties on the menu. [Feed/TONY]

• Starting tomorrow, Starbucks will offer its first-ever gluten-free product, a Valencia orange cake. [Grub Street]

• Vodka gets a lot of grief from cocktail snobs, but the spirit is still found in excellent drinks, like the RTR at the Russian Tea Room. [NYT]

• Both Pat LaFrieda and M&W; Meatpacking are moving out of the meatpacking district, leaving the neighborhood with only one of its namesake companies. [NYP]

• The nationwide rollout of McCafé, McDonald’s Starbucks imitator specialty coffee bar, begins today. [Urbanite/amNY]

• A map of organic farms in the United States reveals clusters in the Northeast, Northwest, and California — a strikingly different distribution than conventional farms. [NYT]

• Cookbook sales are up despite the recession, but many popular titles are impractical for the home cook. [WSJ]

• Organizers estimate that 3,000 people attended this weekend’s sustainability focused Brooklyn Food Conference. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• PETA using a series of new ads to pressure McDonald’s to change the way its chickens are raised. [WSJ]

• Two food bloggers have proposed a code of ethics for their ilk, which includes provisions like “We will reveal bias” and “We will be civil.” [Food Blog Code of Ethics via Diner’s Journal/NYT]

The River Café Loses Ground; Car Smashes Into Sbarro