The Other Critics: Why Review When You Can Round Up?

• Devra First took the week off, so one Ike DeLorenzo filed a report on some of the city’s classic dishes. Turns out the roast chicken at Hamersley’s Bistro, the Oak Room’s Chateaubriand, No. 9 Park’s prune gnocchi, and Durgin Park’s prime rib are all still great. Locke-Ober’s lobster Savannah, on the other hand, not so much. [Globe]

• Cheap Eats also gets in on the roundup action with a look at bargain offerings from Sel De La Terre and dante. They’re good values indeed. [Globe]

• In lieu of a review, Mat Schaffer files a dispatch that enthusiastically proclaims “Central Square is the new South End” due to the presence of, among others, Craigie On Main and Green Street . [Herald]

• The Dig’s sporadic restaurant reviews are back, and this week, they’ve sent Patrick Main to Tupelo, where he finds the Delta cooking “excellent.” [Dig]

• Robert Nadeau has two stars for Allston newcomer Korean Garden, where the menu is vast and the food spicy. At review’s end, there’s a touching tribute to his recently-deceased father-in-law. [Phoenix]

• On The Cheap is all about The Corner Pub. The food isn’t great, but it’s cheap and the atmosphere is a step up from former occupant Weggie’s. [Phoenix]


The Other Critics: Why Review When You Can Round Up?