The Other Critics: Two Stars for All!

• Devra First gives two stars to Pembroke’s Orta. The pizza and the appetizers are fantastic, but the rest of the menu is just alright. Overall, it’s good, but not great. [Globe]

• Stougton’s X & O gets a rave from Cheap Eats, who praises the giant menu and delicious steak tips. [Globe]

• Robert Nadeau two-stars Sensing. The food is beautiful, but the flavors are a bit “pastel.” [Phoenix]

• On The Cheap hits up Flat Patties for fast food done very right. [Phoenix]

• It’s a B- for Ecco from Schaffer, who notes that “if there isn’t a bistro near your house, there will be soon.” It’s a new day for Eastie, but terrifying dishes like tuna tartare mixed with Sriracha-flavored mascarpone and wasabi jello aren’t really a step forward. [Herald]


The Other Critics: Two Stars for All!