The Other Critics: A Maiden Visit To Gary Danko

• Dining at Gary Danko can make one feel a little awkward, especially in these lean times, but Meredith Brody quickly got over it on her maiden visit and decided that pretty much everything there is the best ever, and therefore worth it. [SF Weekly]

• Farina is going strong two years into its life, and while Michael Bauer liked the menu and service enough to give an overall two-star rating, he mentioned that handkerchief pasta with pesto and focaccia di recco rule the day, overshadowing other menu items. But he didn’t say it was a bad thing. [SF Chronicle]

• L.E. Leone finally works a full week, and therefore has reaffirmed her love of hammocks, but hers broke, then she went to the beach. The last two words of the review were the name of the restaurant: King Sing. [SFBG]

• Paul Reidinger finds much about Contigo a bit over-complex, but still manages to have had a good time with the tapas and entrees. Irritants, such as the over-use of the color green, were small compared to the enjoyable food. [SFBG]

[Photo: Via jaycross/flickr]


The Other Critics: A Maiden Visit To Gary Danko