The Early Days Of Stephen Starr’s Franklin Square ‘Shake Shack’

It’s been a week since Stephen Starr’s Franklin Square burger shack opened, though for now, it’s just a humble white tent in the center of the square, serving a very limited menu. The sandwich-experts of Unbreaded have a look at the place during its first week (which they’ve christened the “Starr Shack”), with a few vital facts:

• It’s still unnamed, with a banner that reads “Franklin Square - Food & Drinks”
• The cheeseburger costs $4.75, and the “thick, hand molded, juicy patty sits atop chopped pickles and onions and is topped with cheese on a potato bun.”
• The current menu only has a burger and a couple hot dogs (as well as beverages and ice cream), but when the “real” burger stand opens mid-summer, the menu will explode with specialty burger options.

We’ve been imagining it as Philly’s Shake Shack ever since we heard it was coming, but if the basic burger stays the same, it will be different from Shake Shack in one major way: Shake Shack does West Coast-style patties and the concept is modern roadside burger joint. There’s nothing wrong with a thick hand molded patty, but it may be time to start thinking of the Franklin Square burger stand in a non-Shake Shack paradigm.

First Look: Starr Burger Shack In Franklin Square

[Photo: Franklin Square via vivianh/Flickr]

The Early Days Of Stephen Starr’s Franklin Square ‘Shake Shack’