The 2009 James Beard Foundation Awards: The Twitter Recap

Photo: MenuPages Chicago

The Beard Awards were last night, as you know from following Grub Street’s Twitter. And you can believe we weren’t the only ones tweeting — in fact, Drew Nieporent (who apparently hates the tool, according to his rep’s Twitter stream) cracked a joke about tweeting as he accepted his Outstanding Restaurateur Award (for the rest of the winners, see here). What really set the wires aflame: When the Times dropped a list of winners at 9 p.m., before some of the major winners had been announced live. We gathered the best updates from the scene below (last to first, of course), so you can relive the night all over again.

GentlemanBoozer At employeees lights are on and I am toasted. I have workin 3 hours
about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry

FoodWriterDiary Phone battery died. At home now. Ken Oringer wore same shirt as at lunch. Looked good, though. Batali’s orange crocs three sizes too big.
about 7 hours ago from web

ChefCarmenG 900 + pulled pork barbecue sliders, 25 pounds of green mango and chayote slaw and 100 pounds of plantain chips later…. That’s JBA!
about 8 hours ago from TwitterBerry

GentlemanBoozer @ The Modern..
about 9 hours ago from TwitterBerry. Sober after parties kind of blow!

beardfoundation The evening isn’t close to over. The party continues at the modern.

MetromixNewYork JBA: Jeff McIness (Dildo Beach Club) emerges from VIP. I love Jeff. He was shafted. I’m gonna email his manager. He totally has a manager.
about 10 hours ago from TwitterFon

benleventhal On the ‘no press’ Chang party bus there are at a minimum 6 writers at present. And a smoke machine. And a Ken Friedman aka @kennewyork.
about 11 hours ago from txt

CSMcBride: On the party bus with Richard Gere, Corby Kummer and Frances McDormand.about 11 hours ago from Tweetie

benleventhal Confirmed Beard after-party update: Jean Georges (“small-ish”)

MarthaStewart we did not win the james beard award-but those of us who worked so hard on the book,, martha stewart’s cooking lessons, know its worth

MPChicago Afterparty at Bar Boulud: hella pates, yo. #jbfabout 11 hours ago from Tweetie

beardfoundation Overheard at rwxwption: two chefs decide on naming strategy for next year: L2-Ko and Korton.

benleventhal Confirmed Beard after-party update: Bar Boulud, The Modern, Nobu 57

thefeednyc per philip suarez-is it co or company? ‘whateva! all i know is the pizza’s awesome!’#jbf

grubstweet Post-awards, people crowding the bar like it’s freshman year at Senor Swanky’s

eaterny Lead singer from Anthrax is here, hanging with Joe Bastianich, his dear childhood friend.

grubstweet Barber: “I told my dad I wanted to be a chef because I love food. He responded, ‘I love books, but I don’t want to read for a living.’”

grubstweet To wit, everyone running out to hit up the food – before Barber even starts speaking. Surely the man deserves better than crickets!about 12 hours ago from web

anitakothari Drew hates twitter but I’m still excited he won James Beard Best Restaurateur! YES!!!!
about 12 hours ago from TwitterBerry

grubstweet w results already up on nyt, half the auditorium has emptied. folks are getting blitzed, gala underway, and they’re still handing out awards

thefoodsection RT @beardfoundation Drew calls Mario and Joe skinny bastards…

thefoodsection Drew Nieporant is the winner. Daniel Boulud’s reaction: “Now Drew can run for Mayor.”

thefeednyc daniel boulud, best service: “to everyone who has experienced service or worked service , thank you. it gives us pleasure to give pleasure.”

ruthreichl @gachatz It’s a brave and beautiful book. You deserved the win. Congratulations.

slashfood #jbf mario wears crocs with tux

thefoodsection overheard: PR rep to Danny Meyer: “You are the Jerry Seinfeld of the food industry”

MPChicago The food is out in the tasting area! Tempted to skip the awards to gorge on michelle bernstein’s sea urchin cubano. #jbf
about 13 hours ago from Tweetie

always_eating RT @joeyonan Bolted from awards early to get a jump on the food: went back twice for april bloomfields ceviche with grapefruit….

thefoodsection Speaking of slimmed down. Joe Bastianich, very slim, just did a man-hug with Tom Colicchio.

grubstweet We’re not even close to being done, but a lg amount of people have already snuck out to start eating (and drinking) in the foyer.

thefoodsection He left?! No acceptance speech by Bitty . . .

beardfoundation RT @hseanbrock just took a piss beside thomas kellerabout

thefeednyc david burke, who’s who: “i forgot to put on [my medal]. is this like a retirement award? i’m not that old!”

grubstweet Winner Nate Appleman is wearing…Sean Jean. True story.

MPChicago Gail Simmons just snuck down the aisle past me. Tinier than she looks on TV, still huge ladychest area. #jbfabout
14 hours ago from Tweetie

beardfoundation Backstage party: Richard Gere, Nora Ephron, & the Tuccinator. What a crew.

FoodWriterDiary Press room has cheese from Artisanal. Love the Wabash Cannonball.

grubstweet Chang announces Best New Chef NY…Gabrielle Hamilton gets the most applause as they list off noms, but Gabriel Kreuther (Atelier) wins.

seriouseats Shouldn’t more women be winning if its a yay women chefs theme? #jbfabout

gailsimmons Pre-Beard Award drinks at Empire Hotel. St Germain cocktail hits the spot after a long day of travel. On to the show…

thefeednyc “oh my god…finally! this is number 5!” -dale degroff

grubstweet Todd English mispronounces Michael Symon’s name.about 14 hours ago from web

FoodWriterDiary Michael Symon shaved his soul patch!

grubstweet Maria Hines - winner for best chef (NW) - almost missed her award. She was busy cooking. Very good excuse.
about 15 hours ago from web

CSMcBride The phone book in the booth downstairs at Avery Fisher is so old James Beard is listed -

grubstweet Martha Stewart in silver sequins, blinding, the whole deal. This is what happens when the Beards and Met Gala are on the same night.

beardfoundation Hey, what’s that? Momofuku’s Dave Chang has grown hair.

MPChicago Ted Allen’s voice sounds like Obama. #jbfabout

MetromixNewYork JBA: Chatting with David Burke backstage. Spilled info on plans for a second Fishtail in NYC.about 15 hours ago from TwitterFon

eaterny Team Momofuku omnipresent so far. Seen in lobby: Ed Levine’s first attempt to beg entry to ChangBus DENIED.

MPChicago Lorraine Bracco presenting outstanding wine service. #jbfabout

CSMcBride Martha Stewart has a posse.

grubstweet Stanley Tucci’s jokes fall flat. Meanwhile, no one can understand what Jacques Pepin is saying.about

MetromixNewYork And Wylie and Chang show up, sorta soaked, but damn happy. Tom C the last to arrive, but working the line like a pro. #JBAabout

MetromixNewYork JBA: Scott from Anthrax repping the red carpet. No Wylie or Chang. Thomas Keller is the gentle green giant.
about 16 hours ago from TwitterFon

KKrader On chang bus leaving daisy mae. Fog machine us ON

KKrader Rt@fwscout on the chang bus on the way to beards. Napa’s jeremy fox showing excellent pole dancing technique.about

The 2009 James Beard Foundation Awards: The Twitter Recap