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Skeen Skedaddling From Irving Mill?

The famed Skeen burger.
The famed Skeen burger. Photo: Melissa Hom

The ’bag hears that Ryan Skeen, a Beard Award long-lister (and one of Where to Eat’s “Best Chefs You Never Heard Of (Yet)”) is moving on to start his own place: “The young pork prodigy who has been such a hit at Irving Mill is on his way out, MR. SNITCH hears. The chef will stay the course for another couple of months, but then it’ll be strictly consulting, as Skeen is said to be looking towards his next project — a comparatively upscale venture here in the NYC, which may or may not involve a number of appetizing pork projects.” Given that Skeen and ’bag editor Josh Ozersky were in the same room last night, we’re going to assume this one is true.

Update: Irving Mill owner Suzanne Rive says it’s just a rumor and in fact Skeen has just been promoted to corporate chef. [Eater]

Ryan Skeen Is On The Way Out at Irving Mill [Mr. Snitch/Feedbag]

Skeen Skedaddling From Irving Mill?