SF Represents on GQ Best Pizza List

We’re always trying to insist to our New York and Chicago friends that San Francisco is a great pizza town, and thanks to GQ, we now have a little more ammunition in that area. Their list of the country’s 25 best pizzerias includes three San Francisco establishments, a presence bested only by New York City, which has five. Chicago only has one pizzeria on the list, but it’s at the top, so they still insist on bragging about it. Pizzeria Delfina took third place in the list for its Panna pizza, which includes tomato sauce, heavy cream, basil, and shaved parmigiano. Also in the mix: Gialina’s wild nettle pie, at no. 14, and A16’s Romana pie, at no. 17. We’d also like to point out that, since New York has a population of about 8.25 million, and San Francisco about 765,000, we actually have more pizzerias on the list per capita. Check out the whole list, after the jump. [Via GQ]

01. Great Lake (Chicago)

02. Lucali (Brooklyn, NYC)

03. Pizzeria Delfina (San Francisco)

04. Pizzeria Bianco (Phoenix)

05. Bob & Timmy’s (Providence, R.I.)

06. Sally’s Apizza (New Haven, Conn.)

07. Tomato Pie (Los Angeles)

08. Co. (Company) (Manhattan, NYC)

09. Tacconelli’s Pizza (Philadelphia)

10. Totonno’s (Brooklyn, NYC) 11. Tarry Lodge (Port Chester, N.Y.)

12. Frank Pepe (New Haven, Conn.)

13. Luigi’s “the Original” (Harrison Township, Mich.)

14. Gialina Pizzeria (San Francisco)

15. Buddy’s (Detroit)

16. Antica Pizzeria (Marina Del Ray, Calif.)

17. Gialina Pizzeria (San Francisco)

18. Al Forno (Providence, R.I.)

19. Galleria Umberto (Boston)

20. Famous Joe’s Pizza (Manhattan, NYC)

21. Tomatoes Apizza (Farmington Hills, Mich.)

22. Osteria (Philadelphia)

23. Santarpio’s Pizza (Boston)

24. Niki’s (Detroit)

25. Una Pizza Napoletana (Manhattan, NYC)

[Photo: via inuyaki.com/flickr]


SF Represents on GQ Best Pizza List