Seafood-centric Butcher Bay Reels in New Chef, Refined Menu

Photo: Daniel Krieger

When the old Seymour Burton space was reborn as Butcher Bay last winter, the concept (seaside fish shack) overshadowed the chef (never identified). Well, that changes this week, with the arrival of Eric Simpson via recent stints at Tailor and Perry St. For those who care more about food than about chefs’ CVs, Simpson’s arrival coincides, not so incidentally, with the arrival of the East Village’s newest lobster roll, a souped-up $16 specimen seasoned with black cardamom, tarragon, and pickled red chiles. That dish debuts tomorrow night, along with Simpson’s clam-chowder fritters, marinated mackerel with caramelized Vidalia onion tart, and crab fries. This isn’t Jean Georges off Avenue A, though: Regulars will still find straightforward fish and chips, not to mention a $20 clambake, along with refreshingly low prices (appetizers $6 to $11, mains $20 and under). That extends to beverages, too, with single-digit wines-by-the-glass and the kind of craft beers you want to drink with this food, on an East Village side street or a Maine holiday.



Clam chowder fritters 6
Clam, bacon, corn, potato
Steamed cockles with candied tomatoes 11
Clams, candied cherry tomato, wine broth, baguette
Marinated mackerel, caramelized vidalia onion tart 9
Carmelized onion tart, arugula, mignonette
Water spinach salad 8
Pickled green beans, beets, ricotta cheese
Roasted green market vegetables 8
Smoked ham broth, crispy shallot


Loup de Mer 17
Corn broth, fava beans, spiced potato
Fish and chips 16
Atlantic cod, homemade fries, malt vinegar mayo
BBQ Tofu 14
Wild mushroom grits, fried green tomatoes
Lobster roll 16
Black Cardamom, tarragon, pickled red chiles, chickory, baked potato
Glazed Brisket 18
Braised cabbage, goat cheese, carrot puree
The Clambake 20
Market seafood, seasonal vegetables, white wine broth


Crab Fries 5
Smoked Oyster Stuffing 5
Green Onion Coleslaw 5
Wild Mushroom Grits 5
Sweet Potato Crème Brulee 5
Burnt marshmallow, ancho chile
French Toast 5
Maple ice cream, bacon crumble


Magic Hat no.9 (Magic Hat) Vermont 6
Sweet Action (Sixpoint) Brooklyn 6
Lobster Ale , (Belfast Bay) Maine 7
Bluepoint Summer Ale, (Bluepoint) Long Island 6
Coney Island Lager, (Schmaltz) Brooklyn 6
Albino Python, (Schmaltz) Brooklyn 7

Pork Slap, Butternuts 5 (NY)
Toasted Lager, Bluepoint 6 (NY)
Old Engine Oil, Harviestoun 10 (SCT)
Original Sin Hard Cider 6 (NY)

511 E. 5th St., nr. Ave. A; 212-260-1333. Dinner 5 p.m. to midnight, closed Monday.

Seafood-centric Butcher Bay Reels in New Chef, Refined Menu