The Manicured Chef: A Story We Want to Believe

Photo: istockphoto

The latest Mr. Snitch item over at the ’bag is quite a gem — supposedly an unnamed pretty-boy celebrity chef told one of his cooks that he couldn’t help with some mise en place because he had just gotten his nails done. A bunch of commenters quickly guessed it was Scott Conant (“Who sculpts a five o’clock shadow?”; “Scott Conant also dyes his five o’clock shadow”; “Scott’s chef uniforms are custom-made by Versace”), but Mr. Snitch weighed in to assure them it was not Conant (who, as far as we know, doesn’t wear a uniform by Versace), or Bobby Flay, or Todd English, or Johnny Iuzzini. Mr. Snitch blames disgruntled line cooks for the slurs against Conant. But, then again, who’s to say it wasn’t a disgruntled line cook who floated this ridiculous bit of gossip in the first place?

The Chef With Polished Nails That Mr. Snitch Wrote About? Not Scott Conant. [Feedbag]


The Manicured Chef: A Story We Want to Believe