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Richman Reconsiders GQ Pizza Ranking

Alan Richman presents the artichoke ringer slice.
Alan Richman presents the artichoke ringer slice. Photo: Alexandra Vallis

Does Lucali toss the best pizza in New York? Alan Richman claims just that in a GQ article ranking the top 25 pizzas in America, posted today. The plain pie was No. 2 on the national list, second to the mortadella pie from Chicago’s (non-deep-dish) pizzeria Great Lake. Other NYC honorees: Co. comes in at eight; shuttered Totonno’s ten; Joe’s, is No. 20; and Una Pizza Napoletana, No. 25. DiFara’s did not make the cut, which the Feedbag scolds today. But Slice’s Adam Kuban admitted he was relieved to see more than the usual suspects.

Richman tried 386 pies, with a range of toppings, and the intro champions the American way over Neapolitan versions, “whose crust is charred and puffy in spots, but tragically thin beneath the toppings.” At a dinner at Lucali’s last night to present the list, Richman questioned his own ranking after trying an artichoke-and-garlic specialty pie. Had he known to order it, it would have been a contender for No. 1, he said. There’s a pizza war out there, Alan! If New York was a hair away from winning, do us a solid and try the entire arsenal. Check out the full list of honored pizzerias below.

1. Chicago: Great Lake - Mortadella Pie
2. Brooklyn: Lucali - Plain Pie
3. San Francisco: Pizzeria Delfina - Panna Pie
4. Phoenix: Pizzeria Bianco - Margherita With Prosciutto
5. Providence: Bob & Timmy’s - “Spinach-And-Mushroom Pizza”
6. New Haven, CT: Sally’s Apizza - “White Pie With Potato”
7. Los Angeles: Tomato Pie -“The Grandma”
8. New York City: Co. - “Margherita”
9. Philadelphia: Tacconelli’s - “White Pie”
10. Brooklyn: Totonno’s - “Margherita With Pepperoni”
11. Port Chester, NY: Tarry Lodge - “Clam Pie”
12. New Haven, CT: Frank Pepe - “The Original Tomato Pie”
13. Harrison Township, MI.: Luigi’s “the Original” - “Gourmet Veggie
14. San Francisco: Gialina - “Wild-Nettle Pie”
15. Detroit: Buddys - “Cheese Pizza”
16. Marina Del Rey: Antica Pizzeria - “Pizza Del Cafone”
17. San Francisco: A16 - “Romana Pie”
18. Providence, RI: Al Forno - “Grilled Pizza With Roasted Eggplant”
19. Boston: Galleria Umberto - “Square Slice”
20. New York City: Famous Joes - “Slice”
21. Farmington Hills, MI.: Tomatoes Apizza - “Pepperoni Pie”
22. Philadelphia: Osteria - “Zucca Pie”
23. Boston: Santarpio’s - “Homemade-Sausage Pie”
24. Detroit: Niki’s - “Cheese Pizza With Feta”
25. New York City: Una Pizza Napoletana - “Margherita”


Richman Reconsiders GQ Pizza Ranking