Review Of The Week: For Yuppies Only

This week’s review, the utter joy of which we don’t want to spoil for you, is for Four Burgers.

The burger was decent but expensive consdiering it was fast food. It’s nothing special, but the fries are sub-par. They also don’t serve Mountain Dew, a big negative.

I can’t stand the atmosphere, but if you’re a bobo/Yuppie you might like it. I was not happy when they asked me if I wanted a “whole wheat” bun. Do I look like I’m the kind of guy that eats his burger with a whole what bun, lady? But if you’re into that whole organic/healthy pretense you’ll like this place.

Admit it: don’t you kind of want to set this man up with the woman who wrote the review for T.J.’s House Of Vegan Pizza, just to see what would happen?


Review Of The Week: For Yuppies Only