Protestors Get Serious in Condemning Psycho Donuts

The Massive Head Trauma, from Psycho Donuts

People sure are worked up over Campbell’s Psycho Donuts. First came the San Jose Mercury News op-ed condemning the place for being insensitive to the mentally ill. Then there was Plebiscite’s hilarious take-down of both Fisher and the doughnut shop. Now, mental health advocates are picketing the place, and using pretty heavy-handed comparisons to slam it in the press. “Imagine a shop that made fun of cancer; it wouldn’t be funny,” Brian Miller, director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, told the San Jose Mercury News. Back in April, alliance member John Mitchem said the same thing, but with HIV instead of cancer. These guys really go for the gusto, don’t they? Meanwhile, Psycho Donuts owner Jordan Zweigoron doesn’t seem to mind the protests, as the customers keep coming. Nor do we imagine he hates all this free publicity. [San Jose Mercury News via The Scavenger]

Check out some more photos of the offending doughnuts after the jump.

The Bipolar

The Manic Malt

The Psycho

The staff is part of the act


Protestors Get Serious in Condemning Psycho Donuts