P&G Reopens, Bigger and … Better?

Photo: Photo: Courtesy of Lost City

After closing earlier this year, P&G; quietly reopened in its new, larger location (the former Evelyn Lounge digs) on Friday, and Diner’s Journal has a reverential rundown of how things now stand. Though the beloved sign won’t be reinstalled for several months, pending landmarks approval, there are plenty of other bells and whistles to tide you over.

• The sign’s neon martini glass may be mounted on a wall
• Small stage for live music, a fireplace, two pool tables, and a dartboard
• Baby grand soon to come
• High-def projector for upcoming movie nights
• Wi-Fi
• A happy hour!
• The old mirrored back bar is being installed in a wall
• A 30-foot section of the old bar will now serve as a counter near the game area
• Below-street-level concrete patio accessible via French doors.

The P&G; Bar Returns, Quietly [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

P&G Reopens, Bigger and … Better?