Monkey Town Pairs Pig Parts With Swine Cinema

Photo: YouTube

Monkey Town, scene of those “swamp” and “forest” themed dinners, is really outdoing itself this time by pairing simultaneous screenings of pig-related movies (Animal Farm, Delicatessen, Porco Rosso, and Black Moon) with a $40, six-course dinner incorporating pig parts such as spleen, liver, and ears. You’re definitely going to want to see the menu, available May 29 through 31 (reservations at 7:30 p.m. each night).

The Menu

rolled pig spleen
cornichons, ground mustard, toast

sorrel, chicory and crispy ear salad

dried salted pig’s liver
radishes, capers, boiled eggs

crispy pig’s tails
watercress, dijon, vinegar

roast pork loin
turnips, garlic and anchovies

bacon apple pot de crème

Monkey Town Pairs Pig Parts With Swine Cinema