Mediavore: The $11,000 Savona Dinner; Lays Chips Go Locavore?

• What recession? Two dinners for 16 cooked by Andrew Masciangelo (the chef at Savona) sold for $11,000 at an auction for The Opera Company of Philadelphia. [Inquirer]

• Ferran Adrià has gone to Italy to learn the art of pizza, sans molecular gastronomy flourishes, but Italians remain skeptical. [LAT]

• The Senate is considering a federal tax on soda and other sugary drinks to pay for a health care overhaul. [WSJ]

• The FDA issued a warning to General Mills for the health claims it makes on behalf of Cheerios, which the agency called a “serious violation” of federal law. [WSJ]

• Mega-corporations are starting to grasp the marketing power of locavorism, with even Lays potato chips positioning itself as a local food. [NYT]

• A combination of new avenues of access and more sophisticated processing techniques have made sea urchins easier to get than ever before. [NYT]

• The Belgian city of Ghent will be the world’s first to adopt a weekly meatless day, during which all city employees will go vegetarian. [BBC via Epicurious]


Mediavore: The $11,000 Savona Dinner; Lays Chips Go Locavore?