Mediavore: Tadich Owner Supports SF Swimmers

Tadich Grill owner Bob Buick is helping a San Francisco team swim the Sea of Cortez by offering up his boat as a support vessel. [

• A new local company called Indulge Food and Wine Events hopes to turn a profit on arranging and promoting local culinary happenings. [A href=” http:=”None””None” local=”None” 45065937.html”=”None”>Examiner]

• Organic grapes are great, but W. Blake Gray says you shouldn’t buy “organic wines,” as their lack of sulfites causes them to taste unfresh. Who knew? [W. Blake Gray]

• Mexican officials, desperate for the country to escape the stigma of swine flue, threw a big pork-eating party, at which hundreds of government employees feasted on all sorts of pig dishes. [Morning Call]

• Hot on the heels of Massachusetts requiring calorie posting in chain restaurants, a bill has been introduced in the U.S. Congress that would require the same of those restaurants on a national scale. [UPI]

• Oprah is being blamed for the exponential increase in the wholesale price of antioxidant-rich acai berries. They were formerly a staple of the diet of the Amazonian poor, and now are too expensive for most to afford them. [Bloomberg]


Mediavore: Tadich Owner Supports SF Swimmers