Mediavore: Restaurant Coffee Still Needs Work

• Despite the proliferation of places like Blue Bottle and Stumptown, the coffee in a lot of Bay Area restaurants still leaves something to be desired. Perhaps it’s time for a coffee sommelier. [The Shot]

• Going vegan can be tough, but it makes you feel good, and hones your cooking skills. [SF Chronicle]

• Some Republicans may be serious in trying to derail Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation to the Supreme Court on the grounds that her diet may affect her judgment. [Gawker]

• In what is likely a distressing economic indicator, the French drank 10% less French wine last year than in 2007. [NYP]

Top Chef Masters judge Jay Raynor on the show’s panel: “You know, we all thought we were all hired to be the bitchy one.” [The Feedbag]


Mediavore: Restaurant Coffee Still Needs Work