Mediavore: Politicking At Famous 4th

Famous 4th Street Delicatessen turned into a veritable who’s who in local politics yesterday, when 100 of the city’s politerati ate a ritual election day lunch there. [From The Source/Inquirer]

• Thousands of bottles of California and Burgundy wines were auctioned off at Christie’s last night with a few bottles fetching over $25,000. [NYP]

• Sriracha is the hot new condiment, appearing on menus everywhere from Jean Georges Vongerichten restaurants to Applebee’s. [NYT]

• Wendy’s is entering the blended coffee fray with their new Frosty-Cino which is exactly what it sounds like. [AMNY]

• Food stylists, who prep food for photo shoots, have some tricks up their sleeves, including gluing together broken crusts with Vaseline. [AMNY]


Mediavore: Politicking At Famous 4th