Mediavore: OpenTable Debuts Today

• OpenTable hits the Nasdaq today, with an initial public offering of $20 per share. [SF Chronicle]

• The Flatlanders are in San Francisco, where they talked about food with the Examiner. The one thing they can all agree on for dinner: Thai food. [SF Examiner]

• An LA Weekly reader responds via an actual letter to the editor to the recent LA vs. SF burrito flap, telling Angelinos to give Mission burritos a chance. He even translates the phrase “on the house.” Spoiler: It means stuff is free. [LA Weekly]

• The Wendy’s restaurant in Ukiah was shut down Monday after scoring 0 percent on a food-safety inspection. [Ukiah Daily Journal]

• A new Senate proposal could raise the tax on beer 145 percent and wine 233 percent. [NYP]

• Daniel Carasso, who as president of Dannon helped popularize yogurt worldwide, has died at 103. [NYT]

• Fans of au courant green wild watercress, beware! If it grows in polluted waters, it can cause a nasty liver ailment. [WSJ]


Mediavore: OpenTable Debuts Today