Mediavore: Office Fridge Literally Toxic

• A San Jose office was evacuated and seven people sent to the hospital after they were overcome by the smell of something rotting in the office fridge. [SJ Merc]

• Not only Californians are crazy for burritos. A man fleeing police in Indiana was arrested after he stopped at a Taco Bell for “one last burrito.” Really? Taco Bell? [AP/CoCo Times]

• Ferran Adrià has gone to Italy to learn the art of pizza, sans molecular gastronomy flourishes, but Italians remain skeptical. [LA Times

• Cheerios in “serious violation” of federal law? The FDA thinks so. It issued a warning to General Mills for the health claims it makes on behalf of the cereal. [WSJ]

• Mega-corporations are starting to grasp the marketing power of locavorism, with even Lays potato chips positioning itself as a local food. [NY Times]


Mediavore: Office Fridge Literally Toxic