Mediavore: Offal Ambassador Impresses NRA

• Chris Cosentino impressed crowds and critics with his butchery and offal cooking demonstration at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago last week. [Chicago Sun Times]

• A man robbed a McDonald’s employee in western Santa Rosa as she walked out of the restaurant with a bank bag on her way to make a deposit. [Press Democrat]

• A team in Maine hopes to create the world’s largest lobster roll — 60 feet long and containing 45 pounds of lobster meat — to be unveiled and served June 7. [CoCo Times/AP]

• Weeds like dandelion and purslane may be scorned by gardeners, but they’re increasingly popular in salads. [WSJ]

• Increasing interest in slow food has led to a resurgence of canning. [NYT]


Mediavore: Offal Ambassador Impresses NRA