Mediavore: Mac and Cheese a Hit in Tough Times

People love comfort food — and bourbon — in tough times. Restaurants like Pican and farmerbrown are flourishing right now. [Between Meals/SF Gate]

• The Night Owl discovers that some Alameda County restaurants have health violations, but most are pretty clean, which you can find out by looking up their health scored online. [Oakland Tribune]

• Krispy Kreme is hit with a lawsuit for allegedly dumping yeast and grease down a northern Virginia sewer, clogging up the system. [SF Gate/AP]

• Last night’s Scripps National Spelling Bee (in which San Jose hot shot Ramya Auroprem made the finals) was full of food words, including tagliatelle, Neufchâtel, and blancmange. Bonus: winner Kavya Shivashankar described herself as “lickerish” or fond of good food. [Eat Me Daily]

• Organic dairies are having a tough time as many penny-pinching consumers turn back to conventional milk products. [NYT]


Mediavore: Mac and Cheese a Hit in Tough Times