Mediavore: Get Used to Dangerous Nightclubs

• Code changes that would allow the city to more easily shut down problem nightclubs have been delayed again after more than a year of wrangling. [SF Examiner]

• Not too many locals give Fisherman’s Wharf-adjacent Forbes’ Island a shot, but it’s a pretty unique little spot in our city, on a tiny island in the harbor, accessible only by boat. [Examiner]

• Did you know that social media sites can give you the opportunity to opine publicly on your restaurant experiences? They sure can. [Monterey Herald]

• Thousands of bottles of California and Burgundy wines were auctioned off at Christie’s last night with a few bottles fetching over $25,000. [NY Post]

• Food stylists, who prep food for photo shoots, have some tricks up their sleeves, including gluing together broken crusts with Vaseline. [AMNY]


Mediavore: Get Used to Dangerous Nightclubs