Mediavore: Food Safety Is Your Problem

• Thanks to the unfriendly economy, attendance at this weekend’s National Restaurant Association show is expected to be down over previous years’ counts. [Medill]

• Processed food manufacturers are trying to protect themselves against food safety suits by putting the burden on the consumer to heat foods to a temperature that will kill bacteria and other nasty guys. [NYT]

• Smithfield Foods assures consumers that absolutely no trace of swine flu has been found in their products. [WSJ]

• Hot on the heels of Massachusetts requiring calorie posting in chain restaurants, a bill has been introduced in the U.S. Congress that would require the same of those restaurants on a national scale. [UPI]

• Oprah is being blamed for the exponential increase in the wholesale price of antioxidant-rich acai berries. They were formerly a staple of the diet of the Amazonian poor, and now are too expensive for most to afford them. [Bloomberg]

Mediavore: Food Safety Is Your Problem