Mediavore: Chez Panisse To Expand East?

• While she was in Hartford, Conn. for a food conference, a for-sale restaurant caught Alice Waters’ eye. She was mostly kidding about buying it, but can you imagine an East-Coast Chez Panisse extension? [EMD]

• Millennium will now offer free tap water, in addition to the $1 filtered stuff. [Between Meals/SF Gate]

• Twitter is bringing the customers to carts in the Mission, and on the other side of the country it’s also bringing them to a fleet of mobile New York vendors, such as the dessert truck. [CNET]

• Fred Franzia doesn’t think his “Two Buck Chuck” is priced low; rather, everyone else’s wines are priced high. [Thirst/SF Gate]

• Most chain restaurants are faring poorly in the recession, but PF Chang’s is thriving. [Slate]

• After 22 years of being open from April-October, El Bulli will switch to a June-December schedule this year. [Eater]


Mediavore: Chez Panisse To Expand East?