Lights Out at The Four Seasons; Fro-Yo Battle Carries On

• During a book party at The Four Seasons last night, the power went out but the party went on. [NYP]

• Red Mango, Pinkberry, and new California-based chain Yogurtland are locked in a battle for fro-yo market dominance. [NRN]

• A proposal to raise NYC sales taxes could result in bigger tips for the city’s waiters. [NYP]

• A new ABC series produced by Jamie Oliver and Ryan Seacrest will give health makeovers to an entire American city. [Reuters]

• Celebrity chefs have a lot of secrets under their toques, including the fact that their recipes may not be appropriate for home cooks. [SmartMoney/WSJ]

• Facing pressure from one shareholder to be more recessionproof, Target will expand its grocery selection. [WSJ]

• Chili’s has expanded to India, complete with paneer bites and a Bombay burger. [Fork in the Road/VV]

• To commemorate the anniversary of Frank Sinatra’s death, Patsy’s, his favorite restaurant, is showing an exhibit of some never-before-seen photos of Old Blue Eyes. [City Room/NYT]

• His job at the Waverly Inn isn’t chef John DeLucie’s first brush with celebrity: His first food job was at Dean & DeLuca, where he made Lauren Hutton a sandwich on his second day. [Restaurant Girl]

Lights Out at The Four Seasons; Fro-Yo Battle Carries On