Iron Cupcake Debuts On Monday

Though Iron Chef and the cupcake craze have been going strong for years now, never in Chicago have the two been wedded in sugary bliss. That will all change on Monday, June 1 at 6pm, when—in a possible Best…Idea…EVER—Beautiful Cakes will host Iron Cupcake Chicago.

Monday’s event, at the Veranda Inn, is the first in what may likely be a series of Iron Cupcake competitions. Bakers register in advance and must be able to provide two dozen cupcakes. Eaters need just show up. The event will be judged by Bridget Houlihan and Tammy Green, who write the Restaurant Guide Chicago Bites.

The first challenge, competitors? Citrus! Word is that 1) registration is still open and 2) there will be prizes, so get out your juicers and zesters, hit the markets, and may the tastiest cake take all! [The Food Chain]

– Hanna Andrews

Photo: Flirty Kitty/flickr

Iron Cupcake Debuts On Monday