In Other Critics: Eloteros Unite; Fuego Wins Raves

• Claire Bushey writes about the state of eloteros, the street food vendors who sell the delicious Mexican version of corn on the cob: slathered with mayonnaise, sprinkled with cheese and dusted with chili powder. The only problem is they’re doing it illegally, and they risk steep penalties if an officer decides to fine them. A group of them have come together to try to get the city’s health department to recognize them. [Reader]

• It’s time for outdoor eating again, and the Sun-Times runs down where to eat outdoors in the city. [Sun-Times]

• Pat Bruno recommends Dona Torta, Cafe con Leche, and Nuevo Leon for some hearty Mexican breakfast dishes like motulenos: two eggs sunny-side up, a tortilla, refried beans, salsa, chopped ham, and cheese. [Sun-Times]

• And Bruno really likes Fuego Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar, where the moles are great, the margarita bar offers more than 100 tequilas, and the tableside guacamole is everything it should be. [Sun-Times]

Photo: justavo/flickr

In Other Critics: Eloteros Unite; Fuego Wins Raves