Hot Potato Cafe In The Hot Seat

Michael Klein reports that Hot Potato Cafe will be “hosting” Gordon Ramsay over the next days, for their own episode of Kitchen Nightmares. The famously hot-headed and borderline vitriolic chef is presumably there to whip the Fishtown BYOB into shape, and based on anecdotal evidence from the MenuPages user reviewers, it seems like Hot Potato will benefit. One anonymous review (entitled “Hot Potential”) doesn’t mince words:

We ordered a few simple sandwiches on our lunch break that took a little over an hour, poorly made and cheap ingredients. This place might have a fighting chance if someone who knows what they’re doing steps in to run things.

What do you think — is Hot Potato in dire need of Gordon Ramsay bootcamp?

Hot Potato Cafe getting Gordon Ramsay treatment [Insider/Inquirer]

[Photo: via Hot Potato Cafe]

Hot Potato Cafe In The Hot Seat