Temporary Closings

H&H Bagels Seized for Lack of Tax Payment

Photo: Ty Hewitt

Eater brings distressing news that the H&H; Bagel empire has been at least temporarily felled by the tax man: “A call to the main office confirms that not just one but both locations (the second is on West 46th Street) were shut down and they have ‘no idea’ when they’ll open again, but they’re hoping to have it all smoothed out by this afternoon.” (H&H; Midtown Bagels East, which isn’t affiliated with the other stores, remains open.) Again, disturbing news, but the last New York institution that had a run-in with Uncle Sam, Grimaldi’s, was able to bounce back pretty quickly. Let’s hope that’s also the case here.

Update: City Room reports that the Upper West Side location has reopened.

Breaking BagelWire: H&H; Bagels SEIZED by Tax Man [Eater]

H&H Bagels Seized for Lack of Tax Payment