Foodievents: Dine About Town Kicks Off

• Dine About Town starts next Monday, with the launch party blowing up the Cellar at Macy’s tomorrow night. Get the details and register for your $20 tickets here.

• Also tomorrow night, Citizen Cake is having a Soul Food Farm chicken tasting. For $45 you get chicken three ways (including fried with biscuits and gravy), as well as a dessert of spring-themed mochi.

• This Saturday, the Guardsmen is hosting a “send a kid to camp” fundraiser at the Bambhudda Lounge. Your $27 gets you in for the afternoon and evening, with dancing and access to a two-hour hosted bar. Buy tickets here.

• Looking ahead to June, don’t miss out on Cochon 555, a competition in which five chefs prepare five pigs, while five winemakers showcase pairings. Tickets are $145, but keep reading the blog and you might be able to get in as our guests. The location hasn’t yet been announced.

[Photo: Via stevendamron/flickr]

Foodievents: Dine About Town Kicks Off