Dives Down: Pour One Out for Stain Bar and 2 by 4

Stain Bar.
Stain Bar. Photo: Gavin Thomas

We noticed and EV Grieve confirms that 2 by 4 has finally bit the dust after all of its comical name changes, and we’ve also gotten word that Williamsburg’s artsy, eccentric Stain Bar has closed. Here’s the good-bye letter from owner Krista Madsen, who mentions (what else?) a “greedy landlord” and holds hope of a comeback.

It is with great sadness that I write the official goodbye now from Stain Bar. We’ve been somewhat quiet about our struggles to renew our lease since we always retained the hope that we would find a way to continue at 766 Grand. Alas, greedy landlord plus bad economy equals imminent demise. This weekend we’ll be selling off whatever isn’t bolted down (well, we’ll sell that too), so if you’ve ever lusted after a chair here or admired a knicknack, come on down to our cleaning-out party and cry into your last beer and remind us of all the good times.

I have so many memories I’ll have to write a book about it someday. Lots of people say that, but I mean it. I plan to write my bar book, with that cast of characters everyone promised me I’d meet when I opened a bar five years ago. It was the unlikeliest thing: woman with 6 months bartending experience embarking on this crazy venture. But against all the odds, it worked, not in way of wealth obviously but Stain became exactly the artistic community I dreamed it would be (and more) – supportive, welcoming to all kinds, open to any voices, if perhaps a tad overly fond of odd costume bashes.

Then I had a real baby (Stain was more of a pre-schooler by then) and needed some help. Luckily I found it in Caroline and Craig who have done such an amazing job of running the place and honoring its original vision, I am forever indebted.

Now it’s time to rest, reflect, and gather our strength up for the next big adventure. So stay tuned for maybe some Stain Bar The Sequel near you someday. And that novel.

With much love and gratitude to all of you who made this bar such a special place,

Krista Madsen
Founder, Stain Bar LLC
Dives Down: Pour One Out for Stain Bar and 2 by 4