Disney Villains and Twilight Sweethearts at the All Candy Expo

Beer- and margarita-flavored potato chips and coconut M&Ms;? Sounds like the All Candy Expo is back in town. Taking over the space at McCormick Place just vacated by theNRA show, the All Candy Expo caters to our more frivolous eating needs. It’s not all candy, though — the show deals in all varieties of snack foods, from sweet to savory and back around again.

Some highlights of what you can expect from the future of candy:

• “Color-a-Cookie: As a rule of thumb, we generally don’t eat any food that we can draw on with a marker. But these shortbread cookies with white frosting feature all 30 Major League Baseball uniforms and come with four food-coloring pens in various flavors.” [Tribune]

• “…she showed me what I can only describe as the mother load of circus peanuts, like I had never seen before. A rainbow of colors, the smell of bananas and all manner of deliciousness. Many thanks to Hello Cupcake for hosting these little nuggets of wholesomeness. If there is a heaven, it might be right there.” [Candy Dish]

• “Necco might be late to the tie-in game, but its playing up its “Twilight” connection with special shapes of Sky Bars. It also is packaging its Sweethearts candy to promote the vampire romance movie’s fall sequel, “New Moon.” [Sun-Times]

• “a booth from Mexico … acquired the licensing rights from Disney and packaged some super sweet treats! This Mexican novelty candy company put together some great candy ideas especially the Villanos lollipops! what a great concept to complies all Disney notorious villains such as Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Magica De Spell from Duck Tales (awesome villianness) to Captain Hook from Peter Pan!” [Moresay]

• “Quite possibly the oddest product at the All Candy Expo, Le Whif is a cigar-shaped plastic device that shoots zero-calorie chocolate powder into your mouth when you breathe in. It’s available in four flavors and is expected to make its U.S. launch this summer.” [Sauce]

[Photo: Where is Edward Cullen]

Disney Villains and Twilight Sweethearts at the All Candy Expo