Craigs Listing: The Established NoLibs Bar/Restaurant

A fresh batch of restaurants for sale or lease cropped up, including this long tally on Craigslist, and an intriguing one on both the CL and MergerNetwork. The MN listing reads:

One of the first Bar/Restaurants in the Northern Liberties Renaissance. This neighborhood icon is two floors, 3800 sq. ft., handsomely appointed with remarkable antique European bars and furnishings. Take over this fully established, high volume bar with the owner staying on to provide a smooth transition. PLCB License included in price. Real Estate is available for lease or purchase.

As crazy as it seems, we wonder if it might be the Standard Tap. Icon? Check. Fully established and high volume? True! Two floors? Also fits the bill. Anyway, though the listing remains untouched on Craigslist, the MergerNetwork ad says it’s off the market, as of yesterday. So! Perhaps the owner reneged, or maybe, just maybe, an “established” NoLibs bar will transfer hands soon.

Update! Totally Liberties Bar. Thanks, helpful commenter.

[Flickr: “Is there a sale on?” via timparkinson/Flickr]


Craigs Listing: The Established NoLibs Bar/Restaurant