Christina’s Ice Cream, Galleria Umberto, and Santarpio’s: The Best

Three Boston eateries are featured in June 2009 magazine “Best Of” lists. Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream was named by Bon Appetit as one of the nation’s top ten ice cream shops with burnt sugar obviously singled out as the must-try flavor. Meanwhile, the square slice at the North End’s Galleria Umberto and the sausage pie at Santarpio’s Pizza came in at numbers 19 and 23 respectively on GQ’s list of America’s 25 best pizzas.

Though Galleria Umberto and Santarpio’s are, of course, two of Boston’s very best pizzas and worthy of national acclaim, list compiler and GQ food critic Alan Richman shows less than impeccable judgment in his blog post ranking ten big cities in order of the excellence of their pizza. Boston came in dead last, with Richman writing that “the pies, like those in South Philly, are old-school, but then Boston is a lot like Philadelphia, even if it hates to admit it. Sister city Cambridge is more innovative, but the pies have overwrought toppings and limp crusts.” Heresy! From fine examples of the Neapolitan tradition like Gran Gusto to great American slices at the original Pizzeria Regina to newfangled pies like those at Emma’s Pizza (where the crusts are plenty crisp), Boston is a great pizza city.

Richman’s full pizza list is after the jump.

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[Photo: A pie at Santarpio’s, bucklava/Flickr]

01. Great Lake (Chicago) 02. Lucali (Brooklyn, NYC) 03. Pizzeria Delfina (San Francisco) 04. Pizzeria Bianco (Phoenix) 05. Bob & Timmy’s (Providence, R.I.) 06. Sally’s Apizza (New Haven, Conn.) 07. Tomato Pie (Los Angeles) 08. Co. (Company) (Manhattan, NYC) 09. Tacconelli’s Pizza (Philadelphia) 10. Totonno’s (Brooklyn, NYC) 11. Tarry Lodge (Port Chester, N.Y.) 12. Frank Pepe (New Haven, Conn.) 13. Luigi’s “the Original” (Harrison Township, Mich.) 14. Gialina Pizzeria (San Francisco) 15. Buddy’s (Detroit) 16. Antica Pizzeria (Marina Del Ray, Calif.) 17. Gialina Pizzeria (San Francisco) 18. Al Forno (Providence, R.I.) 19. Galleria Umberto (Boston) 20. Famous Joe’s Pizza (Manhattan, NYC) 21. Tomatoes Apizza (Farmington Hills, Mich.) 22. Osteria (Philadelphia) 23. Santarpio’s Pizza (Boston) 24. Niki’s (Detroit) 25. Una Pizza Napoletana (Manhattan, NYC)


Christina’s Ice Cream, Galleria Umberto, and Santarpio’s: The Best