Halfhearted Apologies

Chef: Stop Picking on the Bacon Explosion

Photo: BBQ Addicts

Grub Street readers, there’s something we have to talk about. In an article informing you that a midtown pub is serving the bacon explosion as a special, we jokingly implied that it has to be ordered a day in advance because of the crippling nausea that rolling all that meat together might cause for a chef. Maybe, just maybe we were going a bit too far. The toque at Channel 4 Pub certainly thought so, and he sent us an e-mail with the subject line “bacon explosion.”

To those concerned:

Was a bit perplexed by the terms used in your brief article about the Bacon Explosion. “Hilarious,” “puke,” “vomit,” are all pretty aggressive words to use about a food — especially by one whom, presumably, has not had the dish. For a blog of such stature I find this pretty irresponsible, not to mention mildly detrimental, for no apparent reason, to a business and to a chef’s career.

Would think it proper to amend your statements, or send someone to have a dish that has received incredibly favorable responses from foodies in the area — if the experience matches the article, you are at least spouting truths.


David Conn
Exec. Chef, Channel 4 Pub and Restaurant

Hmmm, maybe we’ve been too quick to treat this 2,000-calorie bacon bomb as an object of amusement. Perhaps in this post–This is Why You’re Fat world, we’ve lost all sense of what’s gross and what’s magically delicious! After all, we wouldn’t laugh at porchetta! Or a stromboli! And in defense of Chef Conn (who’s also smoking pork shoulder and St. Louis ribs), he does tastefully serve his version (made with pork belly) as two thin slices inside a slider bun. Ugh. Now we’re getting kind of hungry for this monstrosity …

Chef: Stop Picking on the Bacon Explosion