Boozy Brunches: Celebrate Mom By Getting Her Totally Wasted

We’ve always thought that the major thing lacking from Mother’s Day was some sort of government- or Hallmark-sponsored open bar. Whether it’s to numb your pain, numb Mom’s pain, or just give the two of you the liquid courage to really open up and have a heart-to-heart, getting silly on bubbly is our own surefire ticket to a successful momday.

• The granddaddy of the all-you-can-drink brunch is at Lakeview’s Angelina Ristorante, where the menu options are run-of-the-mill, the room is packed, and your liver is the star of the show. $20 prix fixe, unlimited mimosas.

• It’s a similar deal at Deleece: on top of the a la carte brunch options (frittatas, a killer BLT, grilled salmon caesar salad), $15 buys you all the mimosas you can throw down the hatch.

• The brunch drinks at Between Boutique Cafe & Lounge aren’t unlimited, but they are cheap: $4 for a specialty Mother’s Day cocktails made with P.I.N.K, a caffeine-infused vodka, and it’s $8 for a trip to the bloody mary bar.

• Eat at Kinzie Chophouse this Sunday, and your table gets a complimentary bottle of champagne. Yes, bottle. Barter the last drink against mom’s free dessert, which she scores by virtue of having given birth to you.

• $10 at David Burke’s Primehouse lands you unlimited mimosas and bloody marys, which you can use to wash down the family-style servings of lobster scrambled eggs, french toast muffins, dry-aged beef brisket, and more.

• You can get it as boozy as you want it to be at Orange, where the brunch menu is pleasantly off-kilter (pancake flights are can’t-miss) and the drink list — well, it’s BYO. No reservations, so (especially on Mother’s Day) show up early to avoid the line.

[Photo: quinn.anya/Flickr]


Boozy Brunches: Celebrate Mom By Getting Her Totally Wasted